Multiversion Packaging

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Multiversion Packaging

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The naming convention and other ISDCF documents contain references to version file handling and aspects around file/folder arrangements for DCPs, but I have never seen a decent documentation about dealing with complex multi-version DCPs, e.g. those with multiple languages, 5.1+7.1, 3D + 2D,captions, etc.
In theory, this is all easy to explain.

When ingesting real life content, though, the projectionist needs a high degree of, let's call it intuition, to find and select the right content. It's nearly impossible to teach staff this in a formal way. This very often leads to either missed/incomplete content ingest, or a pragmatic 'ingest everything' approach, filling up servers quickly.

I remember specifically BigHero6, whose drive contained an overwhelming number of versions on different levels. I wonder what rules mastering studios follow to create these? Wouldn't it be useful to shed some light on complex packaging, recommendations, etc.?

- Carsten
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