DCNC - Appendix #10 - IMAX

IMAX DCPs (both 2D and 3D) must be differentiated from conventional DCPs.  There are three places in the Naming Convention where this should be done:  The Title, the Resolution, and the Facility Code.

If possible, “IMAX” should appear in the Title.  The resolution should read: “2K”or “4K” as appropriate.  “IMX” should appear in the Facility Code.  Adding “IMAX” to the title may be difficult given the 14 character limit, so “IMX” can be used instead.  Hyphens can also be eliminated if necessary.











Since a 3D feature often has both a 2D and a 3D trailer, the stereo or mono-scopic denotation needs to be in both the Title and the Content Type fields.  If a 2D feature has only a 2D trailer, no “2D” denotation is necessary.