DCNC - Appendix #3 - Content Type and Version Number

The Content Type and Version field is the area of the Naming Convention that identifies what type of content the DCP contains — whether it’s a feature, a trailer, a short subject, etc. — and what the version number is.  The field can contain up to 7 characters.  All content should be categorized as one of the following:

In the Composition Playlist


The Content Type is listed at //ContentKind:

<CompositionPlaylist xmlns=”http://www.smpte-ra.org/schemas/429-7/2006/CPL”>






Additional Notes:

If the scope attribute is absent, the permissible SMPTE 429-7 ContentKind values are as follows: “feature”, “trailer”, “teaser”, “test”, “rating”, “advertisement”, “short”, “transitional”, “psa”, and “policy”.  If the scope attribute is present and set to “http://www.smptera.org/schemas/429-16/2014/CPL-Metadata#scope/content-kind”, the permissible SMPTE ST 429-16 ContentKind values are as follows: “clip”, “promo” and “stereocard.”  See the specification for details.

 It’s important to add a version number after the Content Type code.  For example, feature version 2 would be “FTR-2”, etc.  This is important not only for selecting the correct version, but also for matching an “OV” with a “VF” version file.  (See Appendix #8.)  The Content Type field can also be expanded to add 2D or 3D identifiers.  (See Appendix #3a.) 

 After the Content Type and Version number in the Content Type Field, you may add further descriptions or “Content Type Modifiers” in sub-fields separated by hyphens.
For example:  POL-1-Temp-RedBand-TheatreChain-3D-6fl-48

These are used “a la carte” only if needed, and must be used in this order with these values: