DCNC - Appendix #3c - Labeling "Combo" Trailers

Although most trailers advertise a single movie, studios occasionally combine shorter versions of two different trailers into a single trailer that advertises the two separate movies.  In the past, studios have tried to use file names like: “Tron-2-Oceans_Combo-TLR-1” to indicate the two titles and the “combo” nature of the trailer. Obviously length issues and clarity of film name were problems.

For a while, the recommended way to label combo trailers was to use the “+” symbol between the words that denote each title.


     Tron-2+Oceans_TLR-1     AliceWon+Tron2_TLR-1     AliceWon+Tron2_TLR-1-3D     Sorc-App+Tron2_TLR-1

Some servers had trouble with the + symbol however, so the new recommendation is to use all CAPS for the title of each film and insert a lower case “n” between the titles.



The lower case “n” indicates that the trailer is a combo.  Nowhere in the name does the word “combo” need to appear