Meetings are held about every 6 weeks. They are scheduled at the beginning of each meeting. Each Zoom meeting is a unique meeting ID/Password.

Current schedule:

EDCF/ISDCF Social Hour – Tuesday May 25, 2021 8am Pacific
CVD May 11, 8am? Tuesday
ISDCF June 2, 2021 10am Wednesday
ISDCF Tuesday JULY 27, 2021 10am

Immersive Audio Plugfest – Nothing on the schedule

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Meetings run:  Main ISDCF 10:00am -1:30-ish PM

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DRAFT Main Meeting Agenda

April 21,  2021
DRAFT Main Meeting Agenda – January 13, 2021

DRAFT Main Meeting Agenda – April 21, 2021

Part 1: Reporting

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* ISDCF/EDCF social hour

Part 2: Real Work


The lights are coming back on … what can we share/understand?


Social Communications – Corridor Virtual Discussions (CVD)

Two held – what are the next steps? Is it working? Should we try a different platform?

EDCF/ISDCF social hour next week Tuesday April 27, 2021 8am Pacific


Credit Markers

Do all CPLs have credit markers? Are they being used?


General standards for exposing the asset management solutions

“All major studios now have asset management portals that offer posters and digital assets specifically targeting use on social networks.  However, the glue between these portals and getting them to the facebook-page or instagram channel is complex and typically very manual. (Expensive and time consuming)

This is not such an issue for larger exhibitors who have the resources to make all this work.  For smaller cinemas it is much harder.

I was wondering if there is any weight behind forming some general standards for exposing the asset management solutions.  For example, if on these services you can register an API key and then have access to a json endpoint where you can search/pull assets of specific type.  It would then be possible to build tools for exhibitors to use to mostly automate the process of posting these assets to their social media feeds.

Example, TMS or POS system knows your schedule.  When suitable, the software could pull the correct asset from the portal, add any local copy (Starts this Thursday..) and build the ad ready for approval to post it to the cinema social network with a press of a button.

I expect the technical people behind all these asset management portals are on this mailing list.  I would encourage such a move as it could greatly improve the marketing capabilities of exhibitors and specifically smaller cinemas in regional markets.”


SMPTE – Behind the firewall

RDD52, RDD57, (Dummy Sub Files) Equivalent posted in ISDCF site?


ISDCF Immersive Audio 

SMPTE-RDD-57 for Profile 1 – sponsored by ISDCF and EDCF

Has anyone implemented new features in IAB devices that others have implemented that need to be part of an IAB profile 2?

When is the naming convention IAB from Atmos going to be implemented? 

OMB testing for new protocols. 430-17 / 430-14  When is the right time? 


Dummy sub Files

Currently this is needed for SMPTE DCP (like in IMF) and there is no documented practice –  currently we are doing a single “offscreen” sub. Possible ISDCF Doc 16.



Website and IT updates



ISDCF observing the adventure


Terminology Document?

One of the topics that would be interesting to consider in the ISDCF document list is “Terminology”. It should include primarily all new terms and descriptions related to the latest evolution of the industry in which ISDCF is involved.


HPA Tech Retreat 2021 Update

What happened?


EDCF Update 


DCI update 


Digital Cinema Picture Level


SMPTE update


Equipment vendor updates


Action Items from March 3, 2021

  1. Membership Fees waived for 2021 Join Inter-Society! $500 per company per year, $100 individual membership.
  2. Reframe the ISDCF/EDCF social hour events. JP/TM/DM will discuss.
  3. Send a request to SMPTE of the need/desire to have RDD52/57 not behind a firewall/cost.
  4. Create a new test package for IAB content as part of an RDD52/RDD57 test package. BV lead?


  1. In time, create new SMPTE-DCP test package with RDD52 constraints as well as one that will include RDD57 IAB constraints. (Two packages.)