InterSociety Digital Cinema Forum (ISDCF)

Next Meetings:

Tuesday August 6, 2024
3PM (!). Zoom and probably at Deluxe
(Note: Deluxe location is under construction and we may go all zoom)

Future meetings:

Wednesday October 2, 2024 – zoom and Harman

Please register if you will be attending in person. (Note that we re-use the same registration form so the number count is way off!)


Read all about it. At the end of 2023 a number of CPL authoring CERTs expired and caused playback problems. This is a problem that requires attention for some equipment. Go HERE to get detailed information. 

ISDCF – Intersociety Digital Cinema Forum meets about once a month to discuss technical and deployment issues for Theatrical Digital Cinema deployment. Digital Cinema Technology is our wheelhouse. We discuss DCP (Digital Cinema Package), KDM (Key Distribution Message), FLM (Facility List Management), TDL (Trusted Device List), Formatting of distribution hard disc drives, FIPS-140, DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives), Upgrade scheduling, 3D luminance, subtitles, captions, closed captions, SMPTE specifications for digital cinema / audio and a large number of other TLA and FLA’s (three letter acronyms and four letter acronyms). About 40 people participate monthly, either in person or via conference call. Any questions please email Jerry Pierce, Chairman at

ISDCF Sponsoring Companies

2024 Sponsoring Companies: AMC, Christie, Barco, Deluxe, Dolby, EIKON, GDC Technologies, Harkins Theatres, Marcus Theatres, Paramount, Pixelogic, Qube, Samsung/Harman, Sharp/NEC, Sony Pictures, Texas Instruments, Universal Pictures, Village Cinemas Australia, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros., Xperi/DTS

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