Agreement of Terms

Inter-Society Digital Cinema Forum (ISDCF)

ISDCF – Intersociety Digital Cinema Forum meets about once a month to discuss technical and deployment issues for Theatrical Digital Cinema deployment. We discuss DCP (Digital Cinema Package), KDM (Key Distribution Message), FLM (Facility List Management), TDL (Trusted Device List), Formatting of distribution hard disc drives, FIPS-140, DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives), Upgrade scheduling, 3D luminance, subtitles, captions, closed captions, SMPTE specifications for digital cinema / audio and a large number of other TLA and FLA’s (three letter acronyms and four letter acronyms).

It is ISDCF policy that there be:

No activity or communication among competitors that attempts to arrive at any agreement regarding prices, terms or conditions of sale, distribution, volume, or territories or customers.

No activity or communication among competitors that includes discussion of prices or pricing methods; participants’ individual business, strategic, sales and marketing, or R&D plans; production quotas; other limitations on either the timing or volume of production or sale; or allocations of territories or customers.

No activity or communication that might be construed as an attempt to prevent any person or business entity from gaining access to any market or customer for goods or services or any business entity from obtaining services or a supply of goods.

No activity or communication that might be construed as an agreement to refrain from purchasing or using any materials, equipment, services or supplies of or from any supplier.

No activity or communication that might be construed as forestalling or limiting basic research or the development of any product, process or service.

No activity or communication by ISDCF, without prior consultation with legal counsel, that involves the exchange of information regarding prices, pricing method or costs of production, business/strategic/R&D plans, or sales or distribution.

No establishment of ISDCF recommendations or best practices unless they are voluntary and arrived at by industry consensus. Legal counsel shall review such recommendations or best practices prior to their adoption by ISDCF.

ISDCF activities are not intended to play any role in the individual competitive business decisions of participants, nor in any way restrict competition among them. It is the responsibility of every participant to be guided by this policy of compliance with the antitrust laws and to raise any concerns with possible violations of this policy promptly.

No public posting of internal discussions held in the ISDCF reflector or meetings without the express permission of those involved. In all cases we request anonymity for members outside of the reflector/meetings. This includes posting to ISDCF’s forum.

No use of information obtained on this site or ISDCF to knowingly violate, infringe, or unlawfully obtain the intellectual property of another.

We will not tolerate bullying or any offensive behavior that could limit participation in ISDCF. ISDCF is an open forum for all interested participants.