2023 ISDCF Sponsoring Companies

2023 Sponsoring Companies: AMC, The Cinema Foundation, Christie, Cinionic/Barco, Deluxe, Dolby, EIKON, GDC Technologies, Harkins Theatres, Marcus Theatres, NATO, Paramount, Pixelogic, Qube, Samsung/Harman, Sharp/NEC, Sony Pictures, Texas Instruments, Universal Pictures, Village Cinemas Australia, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros., Xperi/DTS


ISDCF Information Packet ISDCF Membership Packet 2023

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Intersociety Digital Cinema Forum / ISDCF

In March 2023 Intersociety and ISDCF implemented a new policy to allow for the sustainability of the organization going forward. The organization will ask members to contribute $4,000/year for those in companies over $5M in yearly revenue and $100/year for those who are individuals or part of a company with under $5M in yearly revenue. To become a member please send a note to treasurer@isdcf.com

The Intersociety Board reserves the right to grant gratis membership on a case by case basis. All such memberships will be reviewed yearly by the Board.

ISDCF has been in operation for over 17 years with primary support by Universal Pictures. This unique organization has been able to provide significant contributions to the cinema industry through the volunteer efforts of its members.


ISDCF has a Mailman announcement list. Everyone is welcome to become a member of this list. Members have a separate discussion list. 

Please contact Jerry Pierce go be added to the appropriate lists.