Meeting Notes

We are now posting meeting minutes in a folder to make it easier to upload and maintain. Links will be made here to get to the meeting minutes for convenience as/if time permits. For more the most up to date notes, browse the folder below for meetings by date.

All meeting minutes (after 2016)

Meeting notes from July 19, 2023 MeetingNotes20230719vPOSTED
Meeting notes from June 15, 2023 MeetingNotes20230615v2-POSTED
Meeting notes from March 8, 2023 MeetingNotes20230308v2-POSTED
Meeting notes from May 10, 2023 MeetingNotes20230510v1-POSTED
Meeting notes from January 12, 2023 MeetingNotes20230112vPOSTED
Meeting notes from October 4, 2022 MeetingNotes20221004vPOSTED
Meeting notes from August 10, 2022 MeetingNotes20220810v1
Meeting notes from June 14, 2022 MeetingNotes20220614-POSTED
Meeting notes from May 4, 2022 MeetingNotes20220504vPOSTED
Meeting notes from March 9, 2022 MeetingNotes20220309POSTED
Meeting notes from January 19, 2022 MeetingNotes20220119-Posted
Meeting notes from December 1, 2021MeetingNotes20211201vPOSTED
Meeting notes from September 2021 MeetingNotes20210922-POSTED
Meeting notes from July 2021 MeetingNotes20210727-POSTED
Meeting notes from June 2021 MeetingNotes20210602POSTED
Meeting notes from April 2021 MeetingNotes20210421v3POSTED
Meeting notes from March 2021 MeetingNotes20210303v1 POSTED
Meeting notes from January 2021 MeetingNotes20210113POSTED 
Meeting notes from November 2020 MeetingNotes20201104POSTED
Meeting notes from September 2020 MeetingNotes20200923v1-POSTED
Meeting notes from July 2020 MeetingNotes20200722v2-POSTED
Meeting minutes from June 2020 MeetingNotes20200610-POSTED
Meeting minutes from April 2020: MeetingNotes20200408v2-POSTED

Meeting minutes from February 2020:

Meeting minutes from January 2020:

Meeting minutes from November 2019:

Meeting minutes from October 2019:

Meeting ATTACHMENTS from October 2019:

Meeting minutes from July 2019:

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Meeting minutes from December 2018:

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