Test Content

All these documents are to be used at your own risk, strictly voluntary, not to be used for implementing products, no warranty expressed or implied. These are provided for convenience only.

These are new versions of test material – Test content Bv2.1

Go to https://www.isdcf.com/smpte-dcp-tests/ for SMPTE-DCP test material info.
http://files.isdcf.com/SMPTE-DCP-Content/SMPTE_TST-1-Bv21_51-71_20170110_SMPTE_Folders.zip (NEW – 20170515)

Test Keys for this content: The test content is encrypted and keys are being managed by Deluxe Digital Cinema.
To download your keys, please register on the DTDC Portal: https://one.bydeluxe.com/self-registration

If you require any assistance with Keys, please contact :
US and Canada International 1-800-99-FILMS keyrequest@bydeluxe.com ddchelp@bydeluxe.com
Support for all other international customers: 1-818-260-4680.

3D subtitle Tests: http://files.isdcf.com/SMPTE-DCP-Content/3d_stereo-comparison-test_smpte_nov-2015 (From Jim W)
Frame rate tests: https://dci.foxpico.com/basic/plugfest/fox-format-tests-hfr-20160510.tar