Ken Mason Award

The ‘Ken Mason Inter-Society Award’ is an annual award that honors an individual who has made outstanding long-term contributions leading to the overall improvement of the motion picture experience.


2022, Jackie Brenneman & Esther Baruh (Press Release)

2020, John Fithian, NATO (Press Release)

2019, Susie Beiersdorf, Christie (Press Release)

2018, John Wolski, Deluxe (Press Release)

2017, Curt Behlmer, Dolby (Press Release)

2016, Ted Costas, SGI QC (Press Release)

2015, Wendy Aylsworth, Warner Bros. (Press Release)

2014 Jack Kline, Christie (Press Release)

2013 Jack Cashin, USL

2012 Jerry Pierce, ISDCF (Press Release)

2011 Sid Ganis, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

2010 Gary Weaver, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

2009 Mark Christiansen, Paramount Pictures

2008 Dan Taylor, Klipsch

2007 John Pytlak, Eastman Kodak

2006 Walt Ordway, Digital Cinema Initiative

2005 John Mason, Eastman Kodak

2004 MaryAnn Anderson, Anderson Consulting

2003 J. Wayne Anderson, Anderson Consulting

2002 Ioan Allen, Dolby

2001 Burton “Bud” Stone, Deluxe Laboratories

1998 Richard Stumpf

1997 Don Rogers, Producer

1995 Bob Burns, MoPix

2013 – Jack Cashin with Curt Behlmer

2015 – Wendy Aylsworth with Ioan Allen,  Paul Holliman, Susie Bieserdorf, Don Tannenbaum