Meetings are held about every 6 weeks. They are scheduled at the beginning of each meeting. Each Zoom meeting is a unique meeting ID/Password.

Current schedule:

Thursday January 11, 2024 at Harman

Wednesday February 28, 2024

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Meetings run:  Main ISDCF 10:00am -1:30-ish PM

Pacific Time Zone

Main Meeting Agenda

DRAFT Main Meeting Agenda – November 8, 2023

Part 1: Reporting

  • Housekeeping: Sign-In via Zoom / Members Only meeting
    • Invoices for individuals not yet sent
  • Thank you to sponsoring companies and individuals
  • Thank you ISDCF for support of Chairman
  • Thank you to Dean Bullock for Admin/financial support
  • Legal reminder / press reminder / social media is a no-no

* Meeting notes (approval)

  • Organizational issues
    • InterSociety

InterSociety: Board Jerry Pierce (Chair), Steve LLamb, Susie Beiersdorf, Dean Bullock (secretary/treasurer), Mark Collins, Don Tannenbaum. Are you interested in helping guide the organization? Contact us!


ISDCF Organization

Financial Report

InterSociety Bylaw proposed changes

Nominations for InterSociety Board

Draft note to non-members

Winter and Invoices are coming!

Part 2: Real Work


Big Picture things happening?


Update: JPEG2000 Adventures


Audio test material 

For non-perf screens – subcommittee report


Security subcommittee report 


Metadata subcommittee report

Operational suggestions


Legacy equipment 

Possible Note


Immersive Audio

IAB roll out / labeling



DCI has released Version 1.2 of the DCI High Dynamic Range D-Cinema Addendum.


Accessibility with Smart Phones


Projection Letter proposal


Presentation Monitoring – Self quality checking


Website and IT updates Naming Convention: General Status


Terminology Document Update


Live & event-based content through the HDMI port: picture & sound, protocols, issues, education 


SMPTE update

Ballots out


EDCF Update


Cinema Foundation / Center for Innovation and Technology Updates


DCI Update


Vendor Updates


Action Items from September 13, 2023

  • Security homework assignment: Create impact list that were necessitated by the change from FIPS 140-2 to 140-3 to product design. (Bullock to start)
  • Get the background documents that were considered when the CTP was updated. (Radford)
  • Metadata submission of what Deluxe uses on a daily basis (LLamb)
  • Write an open letter for exhibitors to be aware of possible EOCD (end of content delivery) in future. (Jerry/Lefko)
  • Studio to provide smart phone for accessibility details to ISDCF chairman