SMPTE and Other Standards

SMPTE  Organization Changes

SMPTE is merging 20F (Film), 21DC (Digital Cinema) and 25CSS (Cinema Sound Systems) TCs into a new TC called 27C (Cinema).

To find SMPTE (or other) docs

Use the search field in the upper right of the table – for document titles (partial or full), labels such as “429-2” or “ST 429-2:2013”, publisher name such as “SMPTE” or “DCI”, type, available and/or current statuses, or keywords, or any text within the details section or any other column. Searching is not case sensitive, and will return results for partial matches. Matching is currently by text string only, and search operators currently are not implemented. 

*** All the below info is gathered in GitHub [], automatically rendered, and is a work in progress, with features being added regularly.  IF YOU HAVE MORE CURRENT INFO ON ANY DOCUMENT(s), PLEASE SUBMIT AN ISSUE. FEEL FREE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE WORK! ***

Notes on searching for Status (below examples use “amended”, but applies to all statuses):

  • Searching “amended” will return results on Status Labels (many docs have multiple labels) and Current Status in details.
  • To find docs with current status amended”, search for “Status: Amended” or “Current Status: Amended”.
  • To find docs with status label amended”, use the filter pane for Status. In many cases, such as superseded or withdrawn docs, the searched label may not be the Current Status (located in the Document Details). Labels provide document status “history”.