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Current schedule:

ISDCF April 21, 2021 10am Wednesday

ISDCF June 2, 2021 10am Wednesday 

CVD discussion March 9, 2021 10am

CVD discussion April 6, 2021 10am

Immersive Audio Plugfest – Nothing on the schedule

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Meetings run:  Main ISDCF 10:00am -1:30-ish PM

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DRAFT Main Meeting Agenda

January 13,  2021
DRAFT Main Meeting Agenda – January 13, 2021
Part 1: Reporting
* Housekeeping: Sign-In
Thank you Universal for support of Chairman
Thank you for NATO for Zoom and admin support
Legal reminder / press reminder / social media is a no-no
Chatham House Rule:
When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.
* Meeting notes (approval)
Organizational issues
Making Zoom work! (mute/raise hand/front light)
InterSociety – Membership Fees waived for 2021! However, we still are doing work – in particular the Naming Convention Website – please let Erin ( know if you want an invoice for 2021! $500 per company per year / $100 individual membership.
* ISDCF/EDCF social hour
Part 2: Real Work
Website and IT updates
Communication and “Breakfast Round Tables”
How can we help engagement in the industry? 
More social events? Hosted sub-topic meetings? Open mike zooms? 
Reports on other meetings?
Europe Light Level safety 
Impact? Real? Ripple of laser light level concerns to xenon projectors light level safety restrictions going forward.
ISDCF Immersive Audio 
SMPTE-RDD starting for Profile 1 – sponsored by ISDCF and EDCF – RDD57
Create a test package to test IAB system – has it been updated?
Creation of a “ISDCF test DCP for IAB Profile 1” package?
Has anyone implemented new features in IAB devices that others have implemented that need to be part of an IAB profile 2?
When is the naming convention IAB from Atmos going to be implemented? 
OMB testing for new protocols. 430-17 / 430-14  When is the right time? 
Maybe a plugfest for subtitling (micro positioning) 428-7 standard plugfest. Asian… 
Dummy sub Files
Currently this is needed for SMPTE DCP (like in IMF) and there is no documented practice –  currently we are doing a single “offscreen” sub. Possible ISDCF Doc 16.
DRAFT Intra-Theater Communication Requirements
Intra-Theater Communication Requirements
Requirements (first draft only)
Trailer Sound Levels? 
Can we do anything now?
Move B2.1 as a reference document in ISDCF?
The restart? 
Content Test material: ISDCF test content (encrypted)
Terminology Document?
One of the topics that would be interesting to consider in the ISDCF document list is “Terminology”. It should include primarily all new terms and descriptions related to the latest evolution of the industry in which ISDCF is involved.
HPA Tech Retreat 2021 Update
What’s happening?
EDCF Update 
DCI update 
Digital Cinema Picture Level
SMPTE update
Equipment vendor updates
Action Items from November 4, 2020 
Please Join Inter-Society! $500 per company per year, $100 individual membership. 

In time, create new SMPTE-DCP test package with RDD52 constraints as well as one that will include RDD57 IAB constraints. (Probably two packages.) 

Form group to get requirements for in-theater communications. JerryP 

4. Craft a messaging / education for exhibitors on IAB Profile 1 / Atmos. To avoid confusion in the marketplace (probably after movies start to flow again).