CVD Discussions

Corridor Virtual Discussions (CVD)

The next CVD meeting will be on March 9, 2021 at 10am Pacific Timezone. The topic will be “What’s next for the Cinema?” hosted by Kumari Bakhur. 

ISDCF and other technical folks have decided to have a once-a-month casual discussion on any technical topic of interest. It will be moderated by different people each month with topics announced a week or more before the event. You may propose a topic and/or offer to be a moderator by adding your name to the Google sheet HERE


Don’t you miss the conversations before/after/during lunch the ISDCF meeting or at work? So do we!!

So we have created the virtual equivalent: Corridor Virtual Discussions (CVD for short or CoViD) to fill the void!


Frequently Asked Questions (meaning we lead the witness to describe what we are thinking):

What is it and how will it work? 

    The concept is that each session (60 minutes with 15 pre-session open mike) will have a different volunteer moderator on a subject of her/his choosing. There is a sign up sheet so you can moderate an upcoming session. These will be discussion forums, not as an advertisement for your product, service or a lecture/grandstanding. Giving everyone a chance to contribute is encouraged. 

What topics can I expect?

    We will post the subject that the moderator suggests, but like a corridor discussion, it may veer off topic. It’s up to the moderator how to “control” the discussion. Each one will be different.

What topics are allowed?

    Anything that you think will draw a group of techie type folks to join in. Probably no politics, but digital cinema topics, hobbies or something else that others will find interesting and may want to know more about. Or a topic that YOU want to get others opinions about. 

How often?

    We are going to start once every month – we will try Tuesdays at 10am Pacific timezone.

Do I need to attend all of them?

    Hell no. If you don’t like the topic or the moderator, don’t dial in. If you join a meeting and find it dull, pretend your internet dies. If you are in a meeting that is really interesting, ask your friends to join! 

Will you record these.


How do I volunteer to be a moderator or add a topic to be discussed? Go HERE to add your name and/or topic to the list.