2023 ISDCF Sponsoring Companies

2023 Sponsoring Companies: AMC, The Cinema Foundation, Christie, Deluxe, Dolby, Harkins Theatres, Marcus Theatres, NATO, Paramount, Pixelogic, Qube, Samsung/Harman, Sharp/NEC, Sony Pictures, Village Cinemas Australia, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Xperi


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Membership Status for InterSociety and ISDCF


It’s time for changes. 

2022 was a year that saw two of our key ISDCF sponsors reduce their direct support of InterSociety/ISDCF. After 16 years Universal is stepping back from support of the ISDCF Chairman. What a contribution to our industry!! NATO has also stepped back after providing back-room support for years.

The InterSociety Board of Directors have developed a proposal for a self sustaining structure for ISDCF. The new structure calls for companies with over $5M in revenue to contribute $4K a year to InterSociety/ISDCF.  

Attached is a background deck with details that can be used internally to understand the value of ISDCF. Deck here: The Future of ISDCF

Membership Status