Membership Status for InterSociety and ISDCF

We know how difficult it has been for everyone in 2020. Inter-Society will provide a year without requiring membership fees. You are certainly welcome to support Inter-Society, but no invoices will be issued UNLESS YOU REQUEST ONE from Erin Von Hoetzendorff 

To become an official member of ISDCF/ Inter-Society please provide the following to Erin Von Hoetzendorff ( and either pay via PayPal (to the right) or normal invoice methods… THIS WORKS FOR RENEWALS AS WELL! We will check to see if it is a new membership or a renewal and do the right thing!


MEMBERSHIP LEVEL (Corporate or Individual)

BILLING CONTACT (name, title, email address)

VOTING REPRESENTATIVE (name, title, email address)


Please list the names, titles, and email addresses of the people within your company who should receive meeting announcements and Inter-Society information.

If you need an official invoice before you pay, we can send an email invoice with the option to pay by credit card, so if the PayPal option is too informal for your companies’ accounting teams, we have you covered.

You asked for a way to use a credit card to join? HERE IT IS:

Inter-Society/ISDCF Membership

You should receive an invoice for 2020 in January of 2020 – but you can get ahead by paying NOW

Membership Status